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Sunny Kincaid (Unabridged)
Sunny Kincaid (Unabridged)
Author of this audiobook is Penelope Kahler Swan. Publisher is Penelope Kahler Swan. This audio book is Narrated by Chaz Allen. This was released on 30-MAR-15. Duration of this Audio Book is 5 hours and 10 min.. This is unabridged.

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Summary : Sunny Kincaid (Drama/Thriller) - Winner Professional Comments Craig Kellem (Former Development Exec Universal and Fox Studios): "Sunny Kincaid is a terrific thriller, rich with sinister, scary, and funny characters. The story started out as a screenplay that garnered a lot of interest in both the project and the writer. Sunny Kincaid is a deep, relatable, and often tragic character study, while at the same time offering a terrific thriller thru-line, eclectic dialogue, and an ironic mix of humor and violence. It is one of the very best projects we've ever seen! Sunny Kincaid is a winner. This book will knock you out, and the film will surely follow." Read more Asin : B00VB000JY
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