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The Stolen Voice (Unabridged)
The Stolen Voice (Unabridged)
Author of this audiobook is Pat McIntosh. Publisher is Audible Ltd. This audio book is Narrated by Andrew Watson. This was released on 04-APR-13. Duration of this Audio Book is 9 hours and 20 minutes .. This is unabridged.

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Summary : ¿And you are telling me,¿ said Gil Cunningham, ¿that David Drummond vanished away forty years ago and is now returned, seemingly not a day older?¿ ¿That¿s about the sum of it,¿ agreed Sir William Stewart.In Sir William¿s remote part of Scotland it seems almost possible that a young boy could have been stolen away by the fairies and returned forty years later, no older ¿ and if he isn¿t Davie Drummond, who is he? And then he suffers a succession of near-fatal `accidents¿. Could there be a connection with four other local singers who have vanished, one of them with political information of value to Scotland¿s enemies?Gil and his wife Alys have been sent into Perthshire to investigate. Gil¿s pursuit of the missing singers leads him to a vision of the Devil and the reappearance of an old adversary, while Alys finds herself drawn deeply into the affairs of the Drummond family, particularly the mysterious Davie. Read more Asin : B00C6AQ1J6
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