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Stardust (Unabridged) (bkharp001368)
Stardust (Unabridged) (bkharp001368)
Author of this audiobook is Neil Gaiman. Publisher is Harper Audio. This audio book is Narrated by Neil Gaiman. This was released on 29-NOV-2006. Duration of this Audio Book is 6 hours 27 minutes .. This is unabridged. ISBN is 9780061153921.

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Summary : In the sleepy English countryside of decades past, there is a town that has stood on a jut of granite for 600 years. And immediately to the east stands a high stone wall, for which the village is named. Here in the town of Wall, Tristran Thorn has lost his heart to the hauntingly beautiful Victoria Forester. One crisp October night, as they watch, a star falls from the sky, and Victoria promises to marry Tristran if he'll retrieve the star and bring it back for her. It is this promise that sends Tristran through the only gap in the wall, across the meadow, and into the most unforgettable adventure of his life. Read more Keywords : love, star, falling, marriage, promise, adventure, wall, gap, Tristan, england, countryside, town Asin : B0035GXQPC
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