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Round the Horne 16
Round the Horne 16
Author of this audiobook is BBC Audiobooks. Publisher is AudioGO Ltd.. This audio book is Narrated by Various. This was released on 17-OCT-2006. Duration of this Audio Book is 1 hour 57 minutes .. This is original_staging. ISBN is 9780563524366.

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Summary : How lovely it is to once again vada the dolly old eek of Round the Horne, the radio comedy series which ventured where few had gone before in the late 1960s. For four series, suave and unruffled host Kenneth Horne battled manfully with a marauding parade of characters, from enterprising chorus boys Julian & Sandy and warbling songsmith Rambling Syd Rumpo to booming Daphne Whitethigh and breathless thespians Charles & Fiona. In this latest collection of episodes, we listen in to an interview at the BBC personnel department; Kenneth Horne, master spy, has serious trouble when the evil Ginsberg causes people to assume the characters of animals; Julian & Sandy suggest something decadent for the garden; and, in a wartime drama, Fiona finds something lacking in her marriage to Charles. Read more Keywords : Julian and Sandy, Daphne Whitethigh, Charles and Fiona, Kenneth Horne, radio, comedy, series, 1960s, Kenneth Horne, Rambling Syd Rumpo, interview, BBC personnel department, spy, Ginsberg, animals, garden, wartime, marriage Asin : B002V0Q1LO
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