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Replicator Run (Unabridged)
Replicator Run (Unabridged)
Author of this audiobook is Rainer Rey. Publisher is Audible Studios. This audio book is Narrated by John McLain. This was released on 25-MAR-15. Duration of this Audio Book is 21 hour 56 minutes . This is unabridged.

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Summary : A deadly virus has broken out in Washington State. The standard procedures of quarantine and prescribed medical therapies have no effect. Victims are dying in only a few days. And 12 cases today will be 30,000 tomorrow - a replicator run that will put the entire United States at risk for destruction. Devin Parks is a reporter on the edge. Since his marriage crashed, chasing news seems pointless...until he realizes the devastating consequence of the outbreak. Devin soon uncovers a conspiracy that reaches from a luxurious corporate boardroom to the Sudan, from the mysteries of microbiology to an assassin┬┐s brutal expertise. But nothing Devin finds prepares him for the roller-coaster horror that is revealed when hopes of an antidote are dashed as nationwide vaccinations begin - the Replicator is more cunning than imagined because in its nanotechnological genius, its cure is worse than the disease.... Read more Asin : B00V5I4WMS
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