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Prime Witness: A Paul Madriani Novel
Prime Witness: A Paul Madriani Novel
Author of this audiobook is Steve Martini. Publisher is Phoenix Books. This audio book is Narrated by Joe Mantegna. This was released on 25-MAR-2010. Duration of this Audio Book is 3 hours 1 minutes .. This is abridged.

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Summary : In a period of five days, the rural college town of Davenport, California, has been rocked by two sets of brutal double murders. When another set of bodies is found, Paul Madriani, special prosecutor, must find the killer...and quickly. Physical and trace evidence lead to the arraignment of a college security guard on multiple charges of murder. But things begin to spin out of control when Madriani confronts Adrian Chambers, a defense attorney with a checkered past and a deep-seated desire for revenge against him.Worse, while the evidence linking the suspect to the first four killings is solid, something is clearly different with the last two, and Madriani slowly begins to realize there is another killer in their midst. It is only during the trial - when he is fighting for both the conviction of one killer and the identity of another - that Madriani discovers shocking answers that go far deeper than anyone could have imagined. Read more Asin : B0036IOYXW
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