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Love, Stargirl (Unabridged)
Love, Stargirl (Unabridged)
Author of this audiobook is Jerry Spinelli. Publisher is Listening Library. This audio book is Narrated by Mandy Siegfried. This was released on 23-JUL-2007. Duration of this Audio Book is 6 hours 20 minutes .. This is unabridged. ISBN is 9780739356234.

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Summary : Stargirl has moved and left everything behind: Arizona, Mica High, enchanted desert places, and Leo. He's all she can think about, and her life begins to feel like a parade of unhappy anniversaries. Then Stargirl meets her wonderfully bizarre new neighbors: Dootsie, the curly-headed five-year-old "human bean"; Betty Lou, who hasn't stepped outside her house for nine years; Charlie, who sits among the tombstones; hot-tempered Alvina, with that one glittery nail; and Perry Delloplane, the blue-eyed thief who soon lays his own claim to Stargirl's heart. In letters to Leo over the course of a year, Stargirl comes to find hope in new places: mockingbirds, donut angels, moon flowers, and the Winter Solstice. But what's life without Leo? Will he, can he, answer that one crucial question she asks every morning to the rising sun? Read more Keywords : letters Asin : B002V8DI4Y
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