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The Family (bkhead000048)
The Family (bkhead000048)
Author of this audiobook is Martina Cole. Publisher is Headline Digital. This audio book is Narrated by Nicola Duffett. This was released on 13-MAY-2011. Duration of this Audio Book is 5 hour 8 minutes . This is abridged.

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Summary : Phillip Murphy is a family man. He worships his old mum; he takes care of his siblings who help run his business empire; he dotes on his two young sons who will one day take over. And then there's his wife and saviour, Christine, whom he loves with a vengeance. To Phillip Murphy, family is everything. Christine has always understood this about her husband. But there is another side to Phillip, and it's a side he never wanted his wife to see. Though even if she did, could she do anything but stand by him? Because Phillip has rules, and he expects loyalty from his nearest and dearest. Once you're in the family, you're in it for life. Read more Asin : B0050O7VN0
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