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Drink With the Devil (Unabridged)
Drink With the Devil (Unabridged)
Author of this audiobook is Jack Higgins. Publisher is Brilliance Audio. This audio book is Narrated by Michael Page. This was released on 19-APR-2010. Duration of this Audio Book is 7 hours 18 minutes .. This is unabridged.

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Summary : A fortune in stolen British gold lies shipwrecked at the bottom of the Irish Sea. And history's deadliest treasure hunt is on.Irish militant Michael Ryan wants to finance war in his homeland--and a sinister pact with the New York Mafia will make his dreams a savage reality. Former IRA enforcer Sean Dillon now works for the British government. His mission: retrieve the gold by any means necessary--and finish Ryan's bloody plot before it gets off the ground.Two deadly men are locked in a furious race, with millions of dollars--and lives--hanging in the balance. Read more Asin : B003HUA956
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