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The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill (Unabridged)
The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill (Unabridged)
Author of this audiobook is Dorothy Wall. Publisher is Shane Sody (Sody Audio Books). This audio book is Narrated by Shane Sody. This was released on 28-SEP-2010. Duration of this Audio Book is 7 hours 12 minutes .. This is unabridged.

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Summary : Here are Dorothy Wall's classic tales of the cheeky, adventurous koala and his bush friends, brought to life in more than seven hours of enchanted storytelling! Ideal for any child aged 4 to 12. Keep the kids enthralled during long hours of driving on school holidays, or let them escape at any time into Blinky's magical bushland, together with his friends Snubby, Nutsy, Splodge the Kangaroo, Jacko the Kookaburra, Mr Mouse, Angelina Wallaby, Mr Owl, and many many more. Hold your breath as Blinky tries to escape from Miss Pimm's shop after stealing all her peppermints! Learn how a naughty koala plays leap-frog with frogs! Go with Blinky underground to a rabbits' birthday party, where he gets into trouble with Madam Hare. Giggle with Blinky as he outwits his mom, Mrs Koala, and her friend Mrs. Grunty. Listen to how Blinky foils plots by Granny Goannna, Mrs. Snake, and Belinda Fox to gobble up baby possums and rabbits. Capture the excitement of Blinky's escape from the zoo, with Splodge! Hear Blinky and Nutsy's race, with Mrs. Field Mouse, to save Mrs. Echidna's life. Join with Blinky and Nutsy as the pelicans cause a rumpus! Plus many many more adventures. Here are seven hours and 13 minutes of irresistible charm and mayhem, caused by one mischevious koala. No child should miss out on these classic Australian yarns! Now you can have these incomparable stories read to you and your children. This audio version is completely faithful to all three of Dorothy Wall's original Blinky Bill books. Read more Asin : B0044UYMEC

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