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Change of Heart (Unabridged)
Change of Heart (Unabridged)
Author of this audiobook is Jodi Picoult. Publisher is Recorded Books. This audio book is Narrated by Full Cast. This was released on 19-FEB-2008. Duration of this Audio Book is 15 hours 9 minutes .. This is unabridged. Rating : 4/5 ;

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Summary : Known for tackling hot-button issues in her timely fiction, Jodi Picoult has sold millions of books. Change of Heart explores capital punishment and organized religion through the tale of death row inmate Shay Bourne. Bourne's last request is to donate his heart to his victim's ailing sister. The situation gets more complicated when Bourne begins performing miracles in full view of witnesses - including his Catholic spiritual advisor. Read more Asin : B002V1CFOA

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