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The Adjustment Team (Unabridged)
The Adjustment Team (Unabridged)
Author of this audiobook is Phillip K. Dick. Publisher is Audio Books by Mike Vendetti. This audio book is Narrated by Al Kessel. This was released on 12-SEP-14. Duration of this Audio Book is 1 hour. This is unabridged.

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Summary : Philip K. Dick's classic paranoid story, "The Adjustment Team", which asks the question: Do we control our destiny, or do unseen forces manipulate us? Ed Fletcher is a real estate agent with a normal life, until one day he leaves the house for work a few minutes later than he should have. He arrives at a terrifying, grey, ash world. Ed rushes home and tells his wife, Ruth, who goes back to the office with him. When they return, everything is normal. But he soon realizes people and objects have subtly changed. Panic-stricken, he runs to a public phone to warn the police, only to have the phone booth ascend heavenward with Fletcher inside. The Adjustment Bureau, the 2011 Universal Pictures movie based on this classic Dick story, starred Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Read more Asin : B00NHY4CHI
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