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Double the Trouble (Unabridged)
1) Double the Trouble (Unabridged)

Maureen Child
6 hours and 1 min.
Mist of Midnight (Unabridged)
2) Mist of Midnight (Unabridged)

Sandra Byrd
10 hours and 41 min.
Sharing the Sheets (Unabridged)
3) Sharing the Sheets (Unabridged)

Natalie Weber
6 hour 30 min
The Westerby Sisters (Unabridged)
4) The Westerby Sisters (Unabridged)

M. C. Beaton
7 hours and 43 min.
When Grace Sings (Unabridged)
5) When Grace Sings (Unabridged)

Kim Vogel Sawyer
24 hour 48 min
Highland Passage (Unabridged)
7) Highland Passage (Unabridged)

J.L. Jarvis
5 hours and 48 min.
Willing Captive (Unabridged)
8) Willing Captive (Unabridged)

Belle Aurora
8 hours and 49 min.
Down for the Count
10) Down for the Count

Christine Bell
5 hours and 55 min.
Hardline (Unabridged)
11) Hardline (Unabridged)

Meredith Wild
8 hours and 50 min.
Falling into Black (Unabridged)
16) Falling into Black (Unabridged)

Carrie Kelly
2 hours and 26 min.
Not Just Friends (Unabridged)
18) Not Just Friends (Unabridged)

Jay Northcote
6 hours and 47 min.
Caroline: Beauvisage, Book 1 (Unabridged)
19) Caroline: Beauvisage, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Cynthia Wright
9 hours and 42 min.
All Night Long (Unabridged)
24) All Night Long (Unabridged)

Jayne Ann Krentz
10 hour 12 min
The Blood of Titans (Unabridged)
27) The Blood of Titans (Unabridged)

C. Michael Forsyth
8 hours and 32 min.
Northern Lights (Unabridged)
30) Northern Lights (Unabridged)

Sharon McGregor
1 hour and 53 min.
Filthy Gorgeous (Unabridged)
32) Filthy Gorgeous (Unabridged)

Jodi Knight
7 hours and 21 min.
For the Love of Dogs (Unabridged)
33) For the Love of Dogs (Unabridged)

Suzanne Woods Fisher
9 hours and 55 min.
Blissful Tragedy (Unabridged)
36) Blissful Tragedy (Unabridged)

Amy L. Gale
9 hours and 24 min.
Of Yesterday (Unabridged)
40) Of Yesterday (Unabridged)

Alta Hensley
3 hours and 5 min.
Keeping Sweets (Unabridged)
44) Keeping Sweets (Unabridged)

Cate Ashwood
6 hours and 25 min.
Brother Lijah Built the Ark (Unabridged)
45) Brother Lijah Built the Ark (Unabridged)

Glenis Stott
6 hours and 31 min.
The Land Uncharted (Unabridged)
46) The Land Uncharted (Unabridged)

Keely Brooke Keith
7 hours and 58 min.
The Sire Bond (Unabridged)
47) The Sire Bond (Unabridged)

Belladonna Bordeaux
2 hours and 54 min.
The Last Thing He Needs (Unabridged)
48) The Last Thing He Needs (Unabridged)

J. H. Knight
7 hours and 22 min.
Loves Promises (Unabridged)
50) Loves Promises (Unabridged)

Sandra Leesmith
9 hours and 56 min.

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