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Done and Dusted (Unabridged)
1) Done and Dusted (Unabridged)

Jason Connor
1 hour and 34 minutes .
Helsinki Noir (Unabridged)
2) Helsinki Noir (Unabridged)

James Thompson (editor)
18 hour 26 minutes
Tehran Noir (Unabridged)
3) Tehran Noir (Unabridged)

Salar Abdoh (editor and translator)
10 hours and 43 minutes .
Los Angeles Noir (Unabridged)
4) Los Angeles Noir (Unabridged)

Denise Hamilton (editor)
10 hours and 51 minutes .
The Gunman (Unabridged)
6) The Gunman (Unabridged)

Jean-Patrick Manchette
4 hours and 45 minutes .
Lit by Lightning: A New Orleans Mystery (Unabridged)
8) Lit by Lightning: A New Orleans Mystery (Unabridged)

George Joseph Sanchez
7 hours and 16 minutes .
World Gone By: A Novel (Unabridged)
10) World Gone By: A Novel (Unabridged)

Dennis Lehane
9 hours and 6 minutes .
The Black Cat (Unabridged)
14) The Black Cat (Unabridged)

Edgar Allan Poe
24 minutes .
Bevor die Nacht kommt
15) Bevor die Nacht kommt

Simon Jaspersen
11 hour 52 minutes
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