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Solo Faces: A Novel (Unabridged)
4) Solo Faces: A Novel (Unabridged)

James Salter
6 hours and 23 minutes .
Freshwater Fishing: An Anglers Digest (Unabridged)
5) Freshwater Fishing: An Anglers Digest (Unabridged)

Julian Chitta
3 hours and 26 minutes .
Manny Pacquiao vs the Modern Greats (Unabridged)
6) Manny Pacquiao vs the Modern Greats (Unabridged)

Richard Poche
2 hours and 43 minutes .
150 Cricket Trivia Questions (Unabridged)
11) 150 Cricket Trivia Questions (Unabridged)

Pacific Group
1 hour 27 minutes
Achieve the Impossible (Unabridged)
12) Achieve the Impossible (Unabridged)

Professor Greg Whyte
5 hours and 21 minutes .
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