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Chosen and Taken
1) Chosen and Taken

Elon Gold
59 min.
Talks About Stuff
2) Talks About Stuff

Todd Glass
44 min.
Muscle Confusion
3) Muscle Confusion

Mike Vecchione
48 min.
Tall, Dark, and Funny
4) Tall, Dark, and Funny

Alonzo Bodden
53 min.
Mr. Showbiz
7) Mr. Showbiz

Nick Cannon
57 min.
What Are We Talking About
8) What Are We Talking About

The Sklar Brothers
58 min.
Completely Normal
9) Completely Normal

Tom Segura
57 min.
Small, Dork, and Handsome
10) Small, Dork, and Handsome

Myq Kaplan
1 hour and 7 min.
11) Live

Louie Anderson
48 min.
America 180
12) America 180

Dennis Miller
59 min.
The Kims of Comedy
13) The Kims of Comedy

The Kims of Comedy
1 hour and 1 min.
Me the Whole Time
14) Me the Whole Time

Andy Sandford
51 min.
Cupcake Factory (Unabridged)
15) Cupcake Factory (Unabridged)

DJ Ass Maggots
11 hour 22 min
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