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Herbert West: Reanimator (Unabridged)
1) Herbert West: Reanimator (Unabridged)

H. P. Lovecraft
1 hour and 24 minutes .
Ultima Margo (Perry Rhodan 2796)
3) Ultima Margo (Perry Rhodan 2796)

Leo Lukas
3 hour 28 minutes
Dark Moon (Unabridged)
5) Dark Moon (Unabridged)

Charles W Diffin
2 hours and 46 minutes .
The Time Machine (Unabridged)
7) The Time Machine (Unabridged)

H. G. Wells
3 hours and 30 minutes .
Ministry of Disturbance (Unabridged)
9) Ministry of Disturbance (Unabridged)

H. Beam Piper
1 hour and 45 min.
Strange Eden (Unabridged)
10) Strange Eden (Unabridged)

Philip K. Dick
32 min.
Le crpuscule des elfes
14) Le crpuscule des elfes

Jean-Louis Fetjaine
10 hour 50 min
Abschied von Terra (Perry Rhodan Silber Edition 93)
15) Abschied von Terra (Perry Rhodan Silber Edition 93)

William Voltz, Kurt Mahr, Clark Darlton, H. G. Ewers, Marianne Sydow
17 hour 11 min
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